Anecdotes from Imam Reza (as)

Imam’s Love for his Shias
Musa ibn Yasar narrated:
I was with Imam Reza (as) near Tus when we heard the sound of mourning. We followed the sound and came upon a funeral procession. Imam immediately dismounted from his horse and walked toward the corpse. Just like a mother embracing her son, he embraced the corpse and said, “God will forgive all the sins of the one who escorts the funeral of our friends.” Then he followed it to the edge of the grave. There he placed his palm on the chest of the corpse and promised it paradise. I said, “May I be ransomed for you! Had you known him?” Imam (as) replied, “Do you not know that every dawn and evening the deeds of our followers are presented to us? If they have done good we give thanks to God, but if they have done wrong we pray to God to forgive them.” (Furu’ al-Kafi)

Imam’s Humility
One day, Imam Reza (as) arrived in a bathhouse, and man said to him, “Hey you, wash and rub down my body!” Imam (as) began washing the man’s body. The people observing this scene told the man who the Imam (as) was. He immediately apologized to the Imam (as) for being so rude, but the Imam (as) consoled him down and continued washing his body. (Munaqib Al Abi Talib)

Imam’s Justice
The Imam (as) always insisted on eating his meals after the entire members of his household were present. One day, someone suggested that it would be better to make separate eating arrangements for the servants. The Imam (as) replied, “All are created by God, Adam is their father and Eve is their mother. Everyone will be dealt with by God according to his deeds. Why should there be any discrimination in this world?” (Biharul Anwar)

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