My Iran Trip – Part 1/3

By: Fatima Hussain

Less than two weeks ago, I returned home from a two week trip to Iran. My family went as part of the IMI’s 8th International Conference and we visited Mashhad, Nishapur, Qum, Tehran, and Shiraz. The Zaidi family and the Jaffry family were also there. We were like the “Florida clan” with almost 20 people. It was an amazing experience, full of visits to important religious sites, cultural and historic areas of Iran, and other fantastic places for sightseeing. The hospitality we were shown was mind-blowing and our Iranian guides, many of whom were volunteers, deserve much thanks and appreciation. IMI volunteers and organizers also deserve acknowledgement for all their hard work in making the trip a big success. Iran is a very beautiful country, so I wanted to share some pictures and stories about our trip with you.


We landed in Mashhad and tried to spend as much time as possible in the holy shrine.  Amazing hospitality was shown from the very beginning of our trip. We were addressed by the deputy mayor and everyone in the IMI group, which was around 650 people, was given a gift from the municipality of Mashhad. The women were given Irani chadors and the men were given books. We were also invited to eat on the dastarkhan of Imam Reza (as). We were so happy to be his guests! We were also addressed by mayors, important officials, scholars, and Ayatollahs throughout the trip. We were given many other gifts such as books, handicrafts, and souvenirs.

In Mashhad we also did some sightseeing. We went on a city tour and the city was absolutely beautiful! On the tour we visited a hill station where we stopped at a traditional restaurant for tea. After a few days in Mashhad, we started the journey to Tehran. The first part of our journey was by bus to Nishapur.

Part II Coming Soon!!

Shrine of Imam Reza (as)
IR1   IR2

Present Zari of Imam Reza (as)

Old Zari of Imam Reza (as) from Haram Museum

Traditional Restaurant in Mashad
IR5   IR6

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