JIC Imam Ali(a.s) School


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to enable all students to:

  • Strive for Islamic excellence.

  • Acquire the knowledge and skills that support Islamic values.

  • Value life-long learning of Qur'an, Islamic rules, and Islamic history.

  • Demonstrate respect for self and others.

  • Participate meaningfully in our community and the society.  


       Imam Ali(as) School has dedicated teachers that strive to give each child a complete knowledge of their subject material. They follow a prescribed syllabus and are closely overseen by MaulanaZayeem Raza Abidi. Our teachers are highly skilled. They possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure that each subject is covered entirely by creating detailed lesson plans and creative projects. 

                            Imam Ali (as) School is intended to be a stress-free environment where students learn about:

    •                 Fiqh- Basic Islamic rules
    •                 Akhlaq- Ethics and Islamic Behavior
    •                 Tareekh-  History of Islam
    •                 Quran - Quranic Recitation and Rules 

Calendar for 2016-2017


For Further queries please send us an email to jicimamalischool@jaffaria.org or jic.imamalischool@gmail.com